What impact will Britain’s vote to leave the EU have on the PRS?
Landlord Today (24/06/2016)

How can I avoid new buy-to-let tax rule? Times Online (26/07/2016)

Buy to let in London “very difficult to make viable” – claim
Letting Agent Today (27/06/2016)

Group sets out rental laws and rules to change because of Brexit
Letting Agent Today (27/06/2016)

Where is £1.4bn being held in the Tenancy Deposit Scheme?
Landlord News (27/06/2016)

Housebuilders’ shares are tanking. Now is the time for the government to build a million homes CityMetric (27/06/2016)

Airbnb ‘has crushed New York housing stock by 10 PER CENT as landlords buy up batches of apartments simply to list them on the hit rental website’, report says Mail on Sunday (27/06/2016)

Britain’s biggest landlord caught in Brexit turmoil – as he attempts to sell 1000 properties The Telegraph (27/06/2016)

Another lender clamps down on landlords – but could Brexit rescue buy-to-let? The Telegraph (28/06/2016)

New Welsh laws revealed – including abolishing tenants’ right-to-buy
South Wales Evening Post (28/06/2016)

Banks suspend large deals for landlords: Move to stop borrowers slipping into negative equity if house prices fall Mail on Sunday (29/06/2016)

What are the future changes to tax liability that residential landlords now face? What House (29/06/2016)

How to be a property investor: Buy-to-let: taxes for landlordsMoneywise (29/06/2016)

Battle on Mortgage Interest Relief as peers throw weight behind RLA campaign Landlordzone (29/06/2016)

Tenants from hell trash home and leave faeces smeared across rooms – costing landlord a whopping £10,000 The Mirror (29/06/2016)

Minister urges housing sector to ‘Keep calm and carry on’24Dash.com (29/06/2016)

Evictions up by 5% in Q1 of 2016 Landlord News (29/06/2016)

MP and agency founder backs bid to cut buy to let Capital Gains Tax(Landlord Today (01/07/2016)

Paris rent cap to help provide affordable housing for eight million people
The Independent (01/07/2016)

Post-Brexit property planning: should you buy, sell or stick?
The Telegraph (01/07/2016)

Mortgage chief tells government: “Don’t over-burden buy to let sector”
Letting Agent Today (01/07/2016)

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