Right to Rent Named a Top Cause of Stress for Landlords
Landlord News (10/06/2016)

Growing unrest among Conservative MPs over buy-to-let tax changes
What Mortgage (10/06/2016)

Rents rise 3.5% to £872 a month as landlords reorganise property portfolios amid tax clampdown Mail Online (10/06/2016)

Landlords passing buy-to-let tax changes on to tenants, as rush to incorporate continues Mindful Strategy (10/06/2016)

Demand for rental properties in UK increased in first quarter of 2016
Property Wire (13/06/2016)

CGT is top landlord concern Mortgage Introducer (13/06/2016)

Punishing landlords will not help more people onto the property ladder
The Times (14/06/2016)

Name the crooks 24Dash.com (14/06/2016)

Anger over private rental licensing bid which could hit 10,000 homes
Letting Agent Today (14/06/2016)

Accidental landlord:Brexit will make it harder to check if tenants are in the UK illegally Homes and Property.co.uk (14/06/2016)

Crackdown on London’s short-let landlords: Kensington and Chelsea council gets tough on Airbnb-style rentals as neighbours lodge noise complaints
HomesandProperty.co.uk (14/06/2016)

Buy-to-Let Landlords to Pay Extra £10,000 in Mortgage Crackdown 
Landlord News (14/06/2016)

Landlords overtake first-time buyers are Britain’s most enthusiastic house buyers The Telegraph (14/06/2016)

Landlords up rent to meet tax hikes Moneywise (14/06/2016)

Buy-to-let landlords adopting new strategies… Landlordzone (15/06/2016)

Investors could pay £10,000 more to secure mortgage
Landlord News (16/06/2016)

London rounds on government over housing 24Dash.com (16/06/2016)

Buy-to-let investors now have one eye on overseas markets
Landlord Today (17/06/2016)

What impact will a Brexit vote have on the UK property and mortgage markets? What Mortgage (17/06/2016)

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