Right To Rent: new form to transfer responsibilities to letting agents
Letting Agent Today (12/09/2016)

Landlords Most Discouraged from Investing by Mortgage Interest Tax Relief Changes Landlord News (12/09/2016)

Buy-to-let landlords to face tighter lending rules?
Landlord News (12/09/2016)

Welsh Government is urged to ban letting fees for private tenants
Wales Online (12/09/2016)

Government energy policy will push up private rents, insists industry group
Letting Agent Today (15/09/2016)

House prices in England and Wales fall by £3,600 The Guardian (15/09/2016)

Scottish landlords launch new campaign against tax changes
Scottish Housing News (15/09/2016)

Tenants will pay the price of Government energy efficiency reforms, landlords warn Housing Excellence (15/09/2016)

DWP rejecting Universal Credit APA applications Landlordzone (16/09/2016)

Sharp downturn would spell trouble for nearly one million renters in London
City AM (16/09/2016)

Dispatches Reveals the Extent of Britain’s Housing Crisis 
Landlord News (16/09/2016)

Housing benefit would not pay the rent 24Dash.com (16/09/2016)

South: If homeownership is down, is renting up? asks Romans 
The Business Magazine (16/09/2016)

More landlords looking to expand their portfolios over the coming yearLandlord News (17/09/2016)

Buy-to-let in London: the results are in and these 12 university areas get top marks for return on investment Homesandproperty.co.uk (17/09/2016)

How Might the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement Affect Landlords?
Financial News UK (17/09/2016)

Agency tells Minister: incentivise buy to let, reverse tax changes
Letting Agent Today (18/09/2016)

Bringing home the bacon: Three ways you can use alternative finance to invest in property City AM (18/09/2016)

Labour hopeful wants more licensing, rent controls and landlord buy-outsLetting Agent Today (18/09/2016)

Want a quick fix to homelessness? Reform private rentingNewStatesman (18/09/2016)

Opinion: Theresa May’s housing to-do list Mortgage Strategy (18/09/2016)

Edinburgh Fringe sub-letters ‘risk mortgage breach’ 
BBC News Scotland (18/09/2016)

Is the buy-to-let boom over? What Mortgage (19/09/2016)

Infographic: All you need to know about UK housebuilding in numbers
What House (19/09/2016)

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