Green tax’ to hit landlords with £5,000 bill on buy-to-let homes
The Telegraph (30/07/2016)

Selling your home? It’s now or never The Mirror (29/07/2016)

Poll shows over half of UK landlords refuse requests to improve energy efficiency Property Wire (29/07/2016)

PRS’s coming of age EGi (30/07/2016)

Private rental sector licences costing up to £900 being introduced 
Letting Agent Today (01/08/2016)

Tenancy Deposits: What to do if Your Tenant Abandons Your PropertyLandlord News (01/08/2016)

Selling your property tax-free may be about to get tougher after call for crackdown on CGT dodgers using £18bn homeowners’ tax break
Daily Mail (01/08/2016)

New Housing Minister to Support Renters Looking for Longer TenanciesLandlord News (01/08/2016)

Home ownership has fallen to its lowest in 30 years across all major UK cities – not just London City AM (02/08/2016)

The dream of owning your own home is over. Let’s improve renting 
The Guardian (02/08/2016)

The property-owning democracy is dead – so build one for renters instead 
NewStatesman (02/08/2016)

RLA chairman Alan Ward says Resolution Foundation analysis is wrong to claim that the private rented sector is not fit for purpose
Housing Excellence (03/08/2016)

‘Burdensome approaches’ to regulate landlords would be ineffective
Landlord Today (03/08/2016)

Near-doubling of private rental sector in just 12 years
Letting Agent Today (03/08/2016)

Millennials like me don’t actually want to own our homes – with proper changes, renting could be the future The Independent (03/08/2016)

Brexit helps push central London house prices to biggest fall since 2009
Daily Mail (04/08/2016)

Corbyn’s plans spell disaster for tenants Landlordzone (04/08/2016)

Chris Town: Time to build policies to house Generation Rent
Yorkshire Post (05/08/2016)

‘Sky-high’ rental hotspots across England revealed BBC (05/08/2016)

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