The Benefits of Buying a Property with Sitting Tenants
Landlord News(13/04/2017)

How uneasy will the Brexit rollercoaster make the cyclical construction industry? Place North West (13/04/2017)

Tenant charged £835 … to scribble a new name on a contract
The Guardian (15/04/2017)

Rental yields remain strong in majority of towns and cities
Property Reporter (17/04/2017)

Seven in every hundred new tenants in England are foreign nationals, says study The Express (18/04/2017)

2017 tenancy deposit theft total passes £300k… Landlord Today (18/04/2017)

20% of rental properties now let by companies, says C…
Letting Agent Today (18/04/2017)

Sky Views: Is the era of the amateur landlord over? Sky News (18/04/2017)

81% of landlords confident about 2017 performance Loan Talk (18/04/2017)

General election could put already slowing housing market on pause AOL(18/04/2017)

Letting fees ban ‘unlikely before late 2018’ whatever…
Letting Agent Today (19/04/2017)

Political parties urged to deliver for ‘tenants and… Landlord Today (19/04/2017)

Firm leading opposition to BTL tax change says HMOs h…
Letting Agent Today (19/04/2017)

Generation Rent ‘don’t want the burden’ of homeow…
Landlord Today (19/04/2017)

Labour ahead of Conservatives in housing polls 24Housing (19/04/2017)

Build to Rent developers and investors sign up to offer three year tenancies as the norm Property Wire (19/04/2017)

‘Accidental landlords’ sitting on a near £1m property goldmine
24Housing (19/04/2017)

Buy-to-let lenders swing back towards variable fees
Mortgage Strategy (19/04/2017)

Radical, liberal rental reforms are needed Liberal Democrat Voice (19/04/2017)

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