It’s not just London that has a housing crisis The Guardian (17/06/2016)

5 London Property Hotspots to Invest in Landlord News (17/06/2016)

Short-Term Let Horror Stories Highlight Importance of Lettings Market Landlord News (17/06/2016)

Short-term respite for tenants: Glut of homes to rent in May forces landlords to lower rents in wake of stamp duty hike
Daily Mail (17/06/2016)

Chaos over new stamp duty rules: ‘I overpaid £13,000’ 
The Telegraph (18/06/2016)

Osborne’s buy to let tax hikes ‘will knock 20% off house prices’: Experts warn changes will deliver ‘major shock’ to London’s property market
Daily Mail (18/06/2016)

HMO investors want crackdown on rogues Landlord News (20/06/2016)

Was Osborne right to tackle buy-to-let? (20/06/2016)

Letting agency data shows trend towards long-term renting
Letting Agent Today (21/06/2016)

Special Feature: Why Glasgow could be set for a buy-to-let boom
Mortgage Introducer (20/06/2016)

How do you solve a problem like LHA?
The Chartered Institute of Housing (20/06/2016)

Rents hit a record high as second homes surcharge begins to hit
Letting Agent Today (20/06/2016)

Daily Telegraph keeps up pressure on ‘anti-buy to let government’
Letting Agent Today (22/06/2016)

Rents hit record high in Scotland as would-be landlords are put off by letting costs, says You Move The Herald (22/06/2016)

Is it too early to get rich from Crossrail 2? Moneywise (22/06/2016)

Homes are selling at fastest rate ever as demand hits an all-time (22/06/2016)

Who gets housing benefit and what does it cost?
The Guardian (22/06/2016)

Does A London Slowdown Mean The UK Is Headed For A Housing Crash?Buzzfeed UK (22/06/2016)

What would really happen to buy-to-let lending if house prices fall?
AltFinance News (23/06/2016)

EU Referendum: Reactions as UK vote for Brexit HBDOnline (24/06/2016)

Will Brexit hurt house prices? The winners and losers explained
New Statesman (24/06/2016)

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